First post. Hi everyone.

Been a strange week.... I've wanted a PRS for years but never had the $$$. Anyway, this week I arranged to demo a Studio and compare it with a Custom 24. I'm doing that tomorrow. In the mean time I saw an '09 Custom 22 for sale online and bought it. So, it's possible that after this long wait I could end the week with two PRS guitars.

Anway, one of the features I always liked about PRS was the faux binding and notice that it's now not featured on some guitars. They, to me, look unfinished (kind of like the Les Paul Studio looks in comparison to the Standard).

How long have they been doing this and is it just on certain models?

Lastly, before I bite the bullet tomorrow, I'm not sure a DGT wouldn't be more my thing. Decisions, decisions.... Nice decisions just the same.