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Thread: prs tremonti usa

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    prs tremonti usa

    Hi there,

    i've been looking for a tremonti for a while now but here in Belgium you really need to order it if you really want one since stores here don't have those in stock/showcase..

    I've stumbled upon one on the bay that i really like

    Questions are is this one legit? (almost sure it is)
    And if you see the bridge pickup there is a difference with alot of other tremonti's i've come across, they are round on the edges like most pickups but the ones on the other tremonti's i've seen they aren't as round as on this one.. This is how they are usually
    Sorted this out checking posts on the forums, seems the 2013 or late 2012's now have the pickups filling the entire space now?

    Also i own a prs 25th ani custom24 shown below, that one set me back about 2.500 euro's, that tremonti is 700+ extra is that a fair price? (i know there's cheaper ones in US but ye.. Belgium..)
    i guess it's bc of 10top + v12 finish?

    This is my 25th ani

    Thanks in advance guys!
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    Hey man!! Welcome! That is totally a legit Tremonti and its a STUNNER!! Worth it for your deal over the pond, I say grab that beauty before its gone! Tremonti's Rock!!
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    Both great looking examples. Love the tops. Your Custom 24 is gorgeous. Welcome to the forums.
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    yes if you believe the Tremonti is a good deal GRAB IT! It`s legit. Great guitars.
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    Yeah it is not only legit but gorgeous! Grab it!
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    Grab it with both hands and be prepared for that bridge pup, it's SMOKIN hot! Congrats!
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