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Thread: Did anyone go to Sweetwater's Gearfest?

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    Did anyone go to Sweetwater's Gearfest?

    I went on Saturday, caught PRSh's and Brent Mason's show/demo. First time I've heard Brent play live, although I've heard him on records for years. Absolutely amazing player. Paul's no slouch either, although he was being pretty self-deprecating--I would be too, around Brent! Sweetwater really pulls out all the stops for Gearfest--it's almost like a mini-NAMM show. I had a blast--brought along my 17-year-old grand-nephew, who plays guitar and trombone, and he dug it too. It would have been even better if I hadn't gotten a gout attack the night before--I was hobbling around pretty badly, so I didn't get to see everything, but I wasn't going to let it stop me! (A big thank-you to Danielle Cummings, who got me into the Performance Theater a little early for the PRS/Brent Mason event, so I wouldn't have to stand in line!) I brought the trem spring cover from my new PRS Brent Mason guitar, and got Paul and Brent to sign it. Cool guys, both of 'em.
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    Sounds like a great time!
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    Yes I Did. Sweetwater does an outstanding job on this event. I was really impressed with their facility, and the extent to which they go to make customers happy. BTW, I bought an'03 CE 22 at the swap meet tent for $1200. Seems like a good deal since the guitar is cherry. Before I bought it I went back to the PRS booth, and one of the salesmen is an old friend. He checked out the guitar and said it was well worth the $$$. So I bought my first PRS! To be perfectly honest, I always thought the PRS guitars were a bit snobbish. However, I'm extremely picky with the guitars I buy, since I have large hands and a very long thumb. The fat wide neck on the CE22 felt immediately comfortable, and I couldn't put it down. Game over. Now I'm looking for the next one!

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