Some weeks ago I started a thread asking for opinions about my next guitar after the Se Santana. Finally bought the SE EG, nice guitar but most of guys here suggested pups upgrade.
The ones it comes doesnīt sound bad, they are warm, seems nothing special but no bad.
There a lots of pickups to select, I should like you to recomend some to check it out.
I have listened to some samples on Thomann (not very reliable method really), and liked the Fender Texas Special, sounded very clear and type of blues sound.
I donīt think if will sound too thin? Or just right for a strato?
The other pickups like Seymour and Dimarzio ones, there are lots, sound warmer, more hotter then the Texas ones, but at least maybe the stock pups sound quite similar color.
Maybe there should be another posibilities, or PRS pickups that should fit the EG without modding much?
Opinions will be apreciated.
Thanks in advance.