At the moment I have two guitars (I'm not a collector so two is enough for me), a Jackson SL3 Soloist and a PRS SE Custom 24 25th Anniversary. The Jackson is set up as a Metal guitar with Bare Knuckle Miracle Man and Sinner pickups while the PRS is more of a Rock/Metal guitar with Bare Knuckle Holydiver/Emerald pickups. I find that I'm playing the Jackson less and less so I think I might as well sell it and buy something different to set up as more of a Blues/Rock guitar. As I love the Custom 24 so much, my first thought was to buy another Custom 24 and load it with Bare Knuckle Abraxas pickups for a different feel but I've been wondering if having different pickups in essentially the same guitar would really give me that much difference. Although I hate the upper fret access on a Les Paul style guitar, I love the tone you get; so thick, rich and warm. Gary Moore is certainly my favourite player, especially when he uses a Les Paul. This got me wondering about getting a Les Paul style guitar with a nice slim neck and decent upper fret access. The only one in the PRS range that leaps to mind is the new Mark Tremonti Custom so that gives me a few key questions I'd like your help with:

1) Will the Tremonti give me more of the Les Paul tone than the Custom 24?

2) Just how bad or good is the upper fret access (nobody here seems to have one in stock)?

3) For what I want, will it be a noticeably better option than another Custom 24?

4) Are there any other alternatives you can think of, even if they're not PRS? So far I've also been looking at a LTD EC-401; Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy and Epiphone Les Paul Matt Heafy model (hate the guitarist but it has much better upper fret access)

Many thanks