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Thread: PRS Meet & Greet Local Dealer 4 24 2013

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    PRS Meet & Greet Local Dealer 4 24 2013

    First off I would like to say this was a fantastic event.
    My son and I got there a little early, around 3 PM, and Paul was already there, but the presentation was not starting until around 5 PM.
    My son and I had to cut out though a little before 6 as he has exams early this morning, and he had to drive home from my place.

    Paul talked about the difference nut material make, and how all the components of a guitar effect its own tone,
    One thing he did that was cool was to pick a note real loud, then turn the volume down on the guitar.
    The acoustics on the back wall would resonate with it, but one particular acoustic would ring out the exact same note very loud as if someone has just plucked it.
    It was freaky, and I had never seen anything like that before.

    Pretty sure the presentation was going to around 8 or 9 PM, wish we could have stayed much longer.
    Also saw a new line of USA built guitars which included a Mira or Starla (the cool Chevy green one), Custom 24, and I forget what the other one was.
    These are being priced very low, not much more than the SE line.
    I believe they will be up on the products page July the 7th, and they come as it, no options except maybe colors?
    Beautiful guitars, and all Maryland made.

    Paul played the HX/DA amp, and got it to nail the Hendrix and Duane Allman sound to a T.
    Very nice amp indeed.
    Just as we had to go Ralph (guy in black shirt in photos below) was switching Paul over to the Custom H head.
    Wish I could have heard how it sounded.
    Ralph is also the PRS rep for our area, really nice guy.

    My son took the photos below of me, and they turned out horrible.
    He was using my Droid Bionic, and he did not let the camera auto focus first before pushing the onscreen button, plus he chopped off my hair in the photos.
    The other pics I used the Droid but they came out clearer.
    Should have brought my Sony digital, it would have done a much better job.
    I used it to take the pics of the guitars once we got home to show off the sigs.
    Mu sons sig on his plate got smudged.
    We let both guitars dry in the case upside down for a few minutes before flipping them over and shutting the case, but his must have smudged on the case lining.
    I have a new rear plate on order for him so he can take his off the guitar so it will not get smudged anymore.
    I have a new one on order for mine too, but they had plenty of blanks there at the show, and I got one, so I will be taking mine off today to preserve it too, and will eventually get a frame for it.

    I was eying the Grainger bass prototype, and my dealer asked me if I wanted to try it out.
    You think???
    Even said prototype on the rear of the headstock.
    This is one very nice bass guitar, and I would be tempted to get it down the road.
    Looks like no plans so far for an SE bass yet, but I hope they do eventually make one.

    After I played the Grainger for awhile my dealer walked over with another guitar for me to try out.
    It was a Pauls guitar, but not one for sale, this was was Mr. Reads personal guitar!
    Yep, it even said prototype on the rear of the headstock.
    It played great, pretty much just like my new 408 MT I just got.

    There was quite a crowd there, just wished we could have stayed for the duration.
    Paul also played a white Brent Mason model, and compared his two against some other single coil and humbucker equipped guitars.

    PS, after looking at my son's plate more, I am thinking it can be touched up using a thin eraser to get rid of the smudges?

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    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. You might be able to use a Q-tip to clean up the smudges, but I don't know if it's worth the risk. You'll have to bring your son to Exp 2013 to get another.

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    Awesome man!! glad you got the guitar signed!! and I know you are too!!
    2010 Black cherry 10 Top Tremonti-signed by Tremonti Modded by PTC DGT frets/signed by PRS
    2012 FBJB 10 top Tremonti-signed by Tremonti
    2012 Tremonti CustomSE Grey/Black heavily modded, DGT frets and nut at PTC
    2014 ARCHON

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    Thanks guy's.
    I think we are going to try a Q-Tip on the back of his plate very, very, very carefully to get rid of the lines.
    It should turn out OK.

    Meanwhile I will take the plate off of one of my SEs to replace his, and then put the new one on my SE when it arrives.
    Ordered the plates on Monday, and they still have not shipped yet.

    It was a lot of fun there, just wish we did not have to leave so early.
    And that Grainger bass, WOW, it played so nice.
    Dealer asked me if I wanted to order one now, and it would be available later when they go into production.

    And those three other guitars up front, those are going to kill a few of G&F's guitar sales with the lower price coming in, plus it keeps $$$ here in the US.
    So keep your eyes peeled to see if they appear on the products page July 7th.

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