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Thread: What's the greatest guitar solo ever?

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    This one always gets me. Solo starts at 1:52 and my favorite part at 3:30.

    One Life

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    Comfortably Numb. Both solos!

    Absolute perfection from the Gilmeister... And the reason I picked up the guitar!!!
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    So many good ones mentioned already and I can't argue with any of them...I'll throw this one out as a person favorite that makes me want to pick up my guitar whenever I hear it...

    Mike McCready Yellow Ledbetter, into, solo,'s a cool live version. The studio version gives me goose bumps.
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    Too hard for me to pick the greatest since they can be great for many different reasons.

    This one made a lasting impression on me live at the Capital Center in Landover when I was 14. He just owns the guitar.

    Solo at 3:20

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