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Thread: New Mark Tremonti SE (not the Custom)?

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    New Mark Tremonti SE (not the Custom)?

    So, I got my latest Guitar Center catalog yesterday. Flipped through and noticed they're advertising a new Mark Tremonti SE (possibly?). The picture they used appears to be Mark's old design with the adjustable stoptail, his name at the 12th fret inlay, etc...but the list price doesn't match the one for the current Tremonti SE. Maybe I'm just being hopeful, I'd totally snag a full body thickness Tremonti SE to go with my Custom.

    Anyone have any word on this? They even have on the cover "NEW: PRS Mark Tremonti SE."

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    I saw that too. It's got to be a printing mistake - it's just a picture of the Tremonti I. You can't get all the goods of that guitar for $400 haha.

    I've seen this in previous GC catalogs with other guitars as well. Unfortunately, I can't tell if it's an accident or on purpose to trick customers. Who knows with Guitar Center....

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