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Thread: PRS 2007 NOS Artist Brazilian Guitars

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    PRS 2007 NOS Artist Brazilian Guitars

    We have received a TON of amazing 2007 NOS Artist Package guitars over the last month. Here is a little backstory on these guitars:

    Back towards the tail end of 2007 PRSí wood supplier went under investigation for the authenticity of their wood sources. PRS decided to stash these particular guitars as they were built using this wood supply and they have been stored for the past five years as the legal process took place. The investigation into the wood supplier has passed and PRS had gotten the okay to release these models and we have acquired the majority of these Artist package guitars.

    What this means is there is now a supply of amazing Artist Package guitars out there at great prices! All of these have Brazilian Rosewood finger boards and they really sing out. I don't know if its from "Aging" for 5 years or what, but these guitars rock. Check them out here:

    Some of our Favorites:

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    There were 121 guitars when I looked, WOW.
    When you said a "Ton" you were not kidding!

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