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Thread: Perfect First Album?

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    Perfect First Album?

    went to the local pub tonite, had a band I hadn't seen before. they were quite good.
    last songs of the third set ...

    She Loves You
    Some Kinda' Wonderful
    You Shook Me
    Encore ... Sweet Home Alabama ... know that a lot of guys here have endless criticism for it, but forty years later it still "Kicks ****in' A$$" ... kudos to Ronnie Van Zant and Ed King.

    They played some other stuff which made me start to think about first albums ... for me the perfect first albums in the rock idiom are as follows, in no particular order.

    Are You Experienced (UK version)
    Van Halen
    Texas Flood
    Please, Please Me (In the US), in Canada it was called something else that I can't remember and had 16 songs instead of 14. This album was released with different names and content in every country ... still the best ... it's the Beatles.

    don't know how you could make them any better.
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