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Thread: Time for a little BUZZ!

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    Time for a little BUZZ!

    We need some buzz! This thread is in the General Discussions area for more visibility...

    The current Forum Guitar is a GOOD thing. Sergio's idea is a healing shot in the arm for the forum. Read about the genesis here:


    There is a thread about possible mods for the guitar:


    And a thread about it's travels:


    But we need more people to get their hands on this thing, play it, sign it and slap a sticker on the case. As you might suspect, there is a signup thread for this:


    And that's where YOU come in fellow forum member. Have you signed up to participate in this cool endeavor with your forum brothers and sisters? Why the H*ll not?

    I say this in the most loving, brotherhoodly way I can... Get off your butt and sign up to help make this thing happen! Sign up now so JutRob can make more efficient routing of the guitar. Don't you want to play this thing? It's a Korina beauty and it's only going to get better after Chris gets a hold of it. Don't miss out and wish you did. Step up my brothers and sisters!

    Your only obligation is to sign, sticker and ship. I'm shipping it to Chris early next week, so I can get you an estimate on some shipping costs in a few days.

    Bill (shaking the bushes)

    EDIT: The traveling Forum Guitar is an SE Korina SC. You worried about Korina not having tone or enough bite to get the job done? Fear no more and have a peep at this PRS Korina tearing it up:

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