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Thread: NGD: '13 Custom 24 Autumn Sky

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    NGD: '13 Custom 24 Autumn Sky

    so after mulling over my options on a new PRS (Before I order a P22 Trem lol) I decided to go to my local Long and McQuade in Southwest Edmonton... I saw a Custom 24 in Autumn Sky (Which at first I didn't like the colour)... it felt and played AMAZING (much like the custom 24 I bought about a month or two ago)... before I knew it I was at the counter and it was MINE!!!

    and 2 Bonuses... I get 24 free packs of Strings!! ... and the Pickups were HFS and Vintage Bass!!

    and the colour looks AMAZING with the right lighting lol

    Case Candy and all

    Both Custom 24's

    all 7 of my US PRS Guitars!!

    I'll have to get a better picture soon!!
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    That's a great looking top on that guitar!
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    Love the color! Enjoy it!
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