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Thread: Ever have a day when your rig sounded just perfect?

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    Ever have a day when your rig sounded just perfect?

    That happened to me today. Signature Limited -> 2 Channel "H" -> Marshall 1960BV 4x12 cabinet.

    It didn't sound as good yesterday, and it probably won't sound as good tomorrow. But was perfect. As a result, a planned one hour session turned into the better part of three hours.

    It wasn't even very loud. In fact, it wasn't particularly "loud" at all. But for whatever reason, it wandered into tonal nirvana today.

    Unfortunately, it was in my basement and nobody else heard it. But damn, I enjoyed it.

    Anyone ever have one of those days when it just "worked"?

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    Oh yeah. It's a beautiful thing.
    -I'm no expert, but it seems to work and I haven't electrocuted myself yet. Which is pretty much the standard I live by.

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    I've had them, too, and have had the days where I couldn't get it to sound as right. It's possible that guitar speakers sound different depending on temperature and humidity.

    Part of me wonders about the role of body chemistry and the human brain in this. For example, we know that the brain works on glucose (sugar) and the body's glucose levels vary depending on a variety of factors during the day, most especially what and when we eat.

    As a diabetic, when I take too much insulin, and have a reaction from too little glucose in the blood, one of the first things to get weird is my senses - sight, hearing, touch. So I have experienced in an extreme way what most people wouldn't notice in a subtle way on any given day.
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    It happens. And it's a beautiful thing. Thankfully the "my rig sucks" days are few and very far between.
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    Yep. Back in 1970. I was in a rock band, and we got a gig at a large catering hall in Santa Clara, CA--I was playing my '67 SG Standard through a silverface Twin Reverb, cranked--it was a very big hall, maybe 2000 folks in there. 1970 was a bad year for Twins--that amp normally sounded thin--but on "10" it sounded great, and I needed every bit of that volume in order to cut through. I was digging the heck out of it until about halfway through the night, when the amp let out a god-awful noise and gave up the ghost. I had to finish the gig plugged directly into the PA, and you can imagine how awful that sounded! After I got the amp into the shop, I found that the speakers' voice coils had gotten welded shut--the amp was apparently sending DC voltage to the speakers! I'm surprised it didn't catch fire...

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    I just happened to have one of those moments sat night. My day started at 6am to set up PA gear for the day as I provided sound services for the trek fest events. I battled wind and rain all day, very stressful as I own all the gear and will bear the cost of any repairs that are caused by the weather.

    At 6pm the warm up band started and my singer took over sound duties so I could catch a nap but the stumptown shooters lit off a couple of LOUD fireworks as a teaser for later. No nap.

    Since the stage is quite large I decided to dig out my Samson concert series TD wireless. Two songs into the show I remembered why I quit using it, I quickly ripped wireless out of signal path and put George-L into my cu24 w/5909s. Whoa Brother!!!!!!!! Complete tonal bliss!

    Les may be right, cool and damp conditions may explain the great tone I was getting. I'm still feeling that high a day later. If more people could experience that there may be less crime, violence and drug abuse. But then we would all be rock stars!

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