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Thread: I'm not an Axe FX 2 guy

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    I'm not an Axe FX 2 guy

    What can I say. I tried it and it's not for me. I spent a chunk of my weekend with one and it really left me wanting.

    I use my guitar's volume and tone pot a lot and found the Axe FX 2 just didn't respond to them nearly as well as I need it to. I also found very little benefit to splitting the pups. Switching from the bass to the treble pup had a notable impact on tone but it, too, was disappointing. The Axe FX just seemed to ignore a great deal of the nuance and tone of the input device. Given all of the feedback I've read online, I expected more. A lot more. I agree that the technology has come a long way (especially since the ART units we played with back in the 80's) but my tube amps are still safe.

    If they were cheap I'd get one to play with headphones - but only if the right tube amp was unavailable. I bought one of the little Vox headphone amps for "after bedtime" use but the sound quality was nowhere good enough to keep me interested. The Axe FX 2 wasn't that bad by a long shot. Something in between would be great.

    Anyone else have this experience?
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