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Thread: Custom ordering a Custom 24

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    Custom ordering a Custom 24

    As a result of having less expenses in terms of bill payments, my parents are setting aside some money to get me a Custom 24. Here's the thing, I have certain specifications I want on it and I don't know whether which custom ordering channel I need to go through in order to get them. The specifications I have for it are as follows:

    Black finish covering the entire body
    Maple neck, headstock, and fretboard, natural
    Black bird inlays
    Pattern thin neck
    HFS Treble pickup
    Vintage Bass pickup
    3 way blade switch pickup selector with push/pull tone pot (way better than the 5 way blade switch sans tone pot)
    Black pickup rings
    The top and back woods would be the same like on a stock Custom 24
    It would have a regular maple top. I don't need a 10 top. It wouldn't make sense to put one on anyway because it would be covered by the black finish

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    If I had to guess I'd say there's a bit too much deviation in that to get exactly what you want in anything less than a Private Stock build.

    An Artist Pack will get you close but some details will be different.

    Your best bet is to choose a dealer and get some quotes... they can inquire with the factory and see what's possible.
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    Black birds are the question mark, everything else is obtainable in the artist package. The 3 way blade/push pull wouldn't be a hard switch if PRS won't do it.

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