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Thread: How many guitars does Paul have?

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    How many guitars does Paul have?

    We all have seen him with new guitars and then, at some point, someone ends up with them.
    But, how many guitars has he kept for himself without the intention to sell them?
    I can't really guess. I believe it would be a shockingly low number, or a shockingly high number.... can't really tell...
    Just curious I guess...
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    The correct answer many as he wants. LOL
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    Actually, the number is quite low. In the past, he has kept protos of certain runs, for his kids, but personally, he finds a guitar he likes and sticks with it. For years and years, it was his Yellow Dragon, then his Modern Eagle. Now, he's playing one of the Paul's Guitars...

    He doesn't seem to be a "collector"...


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    He also keeps a handful of vintage F and G guitars around, generally for comparison/reality check purposes. And he's been known to grab a guitar from production that would otherwise end up as kindling due to flaws, and use that to try out some new tricks. I remember playing a McCarty like that in his office one time and flipping out over it.

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    Does he keep the old ones around? Like his Yellow Dragon, would that be in his office or a studio? That was my favorite of all PRSh guitars. I got to hold it (lame I know) at an event about 10 years ago probably.

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