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Thread: Vibrato Spring Ring - stopping it

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    Vibrato Spring Ring - stopping it

    Well, got my new Santana yesterday. Great guitar, but like most with spring vibratos, it had vibrato sympathetic spring ring (on the A's in particular).
    I know there are commercial and homemade remedies out there but I wanted to find an immediate, non-permanent, no-residue (as in black tape) fix.

    SO, I opened my electronics junk drawer and the answer was staring me in the face - heat-shrink tubing.

    I cut 4 pieces of 3/4" and 4 pieces of 3/8" about an inch and a half long each (I am pretty sure the length doesn't matter in this case - I just had some 6" pieces that I cut into 4 chunks).

    I put a 3/4" piece around each spring and re-attached the springs. I then slid a 3/8" piece inside the 3/4" piece, but not around the spring itself (it wouldn't fit, anyway). You can see it sticking out a little in the attached photo. You can also see that the 3/4" pieces are offset on the springs as they are being snugged to one side or the other by the 3/8" tubing.

    Obviously, I didn't shrink the heatshrink - just left it somewhat loose. Here is a photo of the solution. After the photo, there are a couple of ebay links for finding these sizes of heatshrink inexpensively.


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    I recently received a wonderful Knaggs Severn that had a similar spring resonance. The original owner had it set up with a high action. After I set it to what I like that problem completely went away,
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