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Thread: weekend project

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    I l ove the shape of the support beam - perfect flow!



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    Shawn, can we expect these for sale at Experience?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn@PRS View Post
    The wind only blows the striker a few inches away so it doesn't sound like Keith Moon is sitting on m front porch.
    Wouldn't Keith Moon sitting on your porch sound something like a TV exploding?

    Some time ago, I read a post somewhere about John Entwistle. The Ox was doing a bass clinic somewhere, and he was using a drum machine for backing. Somehow or other, he hit a combination of buttons and the machine went goofy, spewing out a bunch of drum sounds. The poster said Entwistle turned around and said, "Huh - reminds me of playing with Keith!"

    Very cool idea, Shawn!

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