Our wedding will be at our little farmhouse in WV. It was built in 1939 and needs some TLC and sprucing up. Since it is a weekend place for us, we don't have time to maintain large flower beds. The previous owner had 2 really big ones right off of the back porch. without our constant attention, they quickly became overgrown with weeds and tall grass.

So, my project over the last few visits has been to rip 'em out and make room for new grass. There were lots of large rocks as a border for each one. All of these had to be dug up and transported to our growing dry rock wall. Then lots and lots and lots of weed whacking. We did save some of the rescue-able bulbs for a smaller flower bed, but the tall grass and weeds had to go. Then everything got tilled and raked. Finally, seed, fertilizer and straw.

I finished the second large bed this weekend. I thought you might enjoy seeing my supervisors. They are busy scarfing up mulberries about 30 yards behind me. You can also see the end of the growing rock wall...

So, how did you spent the weekend?