This post is divided into a Type - A and Type - B personality choose-your-own adventure post:

Type - A:

From a purely unbiased point of view, is there such a thing as a bad PRS, a model/series/wood-type to avoid, or a less than successful run? If so, would the SE EG be one of them? If not, is it worth scooping up when found since single-coil PRS guitars are sort of like unicorns?

Type - B:

I recently came across a PRS SE EG (3 single coil configuration) in a local pawn shop. Its pretty beat up (a few small, cosmetic chucks out of the body, scratched up pick guard), needs some electronic work (volume pot cuts all volume out below 10 or if the knob is bumped), and rust-spotted hardware. Needless to say, it sounded horrible when I plugged it into the nearest amp, but seems like itd be a great skeleton to work from.

The price tag on it at the moment is $300, but Im considering some aggressive discussion with them since its shape is less than great and needs a fair amount of work to be dependably playable, not to mention that I have some unused pieces of equipment Im looking at freeing myself from. While Ive never done any guitar triage, but Im interested in tinkering and thought this could be a nice starter.

Any thoughts or experience that I can glean from an elder/ more seasoned guitar tinkerer than myself or information with someone who knows these models would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!