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Thread: PRS in UK's "Guitar & Bass"

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    PRS in UK's "Guitar & Bass"

    Last night I picked up a copy of the August issue of "Guitar & Bass" magazine from The UK. It has a nice review/writeup on the Brent Mason Signature. Great pics. It scored a 90% out of 100% in their rating system.

    For Peter Green fans, the cover story is an article about him and 'that' LP.

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    I saw that. As I have a Brent Mason, I was curious to see what kind of review it got...a good one, as it turns out. Hopefully some of the other guitar mags will review the Brent Mason too.

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    I don't read the magazines much any more. I do miss getting them in the mail though. I need a trip to the book store. A coffee and a thumb through of all the latest gear and tattoo magazines sounds like fun.
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