I have noticed something about my new 408.
When I get my guitars out for the weekend, I always have to retune the Gibson SG.
They are either a little flat, or a little sharp, all of them, so they all go either flat or sharp.
This is probably due to the temperature in my place after I get them out of their cases.

The temps in my home as of late will range form 70° in the morning to 80° in the afternoon.
I always check the tuning on my guitars when packing them away in their cases Sunday before bed along with wiping them down and using the String Cleaner device on them.

When I take my 408 out of the case, it is in perfect tune, and when using the tremolo this weekend alot, and when packing it away, I checked the tuning and it was spot on using my TC Electronics Polytuner.
What is it about the 408?
The truss rod, or the neck is not as sensitive to temperature changes as much as the SG?

Anyways, I like the fact I do not have to mess around with the tuning as much with the 408.
The SG does not have the stock tuners, it has the same ones I have on my SEs, the Autotrim tuners from Planet Waves.