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Thread: se custom 24 string guage question

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    se custom 24 string guage question

    hi all , i have a 2012 prs se custom 24 i have had since new and love it, my question is i have 9/46 on it std tunned and i am thinking of going up to 10/46 in eb tunning, i know it will need the trem and prob neck adj my tech can do that but has anyone done this to there se custom 24, what are the avantages of the 10/46 over the 9/46?any feedback would be great.
    Dave in Australia

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    I think advantages and disadvantages are kind of relative to what your after. Myself, I don't like the wound strings to get floppy on me. I can leave the plain strings with a little more give and ease for bending. Have you tried tuning down to Eb with your current strings to see how it feels? Can at least play it a bit a find out what strings you feel need more tension and which don't, even if everything isn't quite set up perfectly.

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    With thicker strings and tuning down, your tone will get a lot thicker. You'll need the trem adjusted, and maybe the neck, plus the string slots in the nut filed for bigger strings.
    -I'm no expert, but it seems to work and I haven't electrocuted myself yet. Which is pretty much the standard I live by.

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    the nut slots might have some problem with the bigger gauges, but i've got 11-49s in mine. if you're not touching the trem, there's no problem with it, but if you're setting it to float and use it, strings might bind in the nut slots. Personally, i think the 10-46s are perfect for Eb tuning. Sounds thicker than 9-46 on the plain strings, and less slinkier.

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