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Thread: Starla Vs S2 Starla?

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    Starla Vs S2 Starla?

    So, i'm a bit confused of wish one is the better one on this model.... I'm having GAS for one, but really do not know, when the time comes,which on to buy....

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    If you overlook the parts source (the S2 series being mainly imported key components other than wood), the only "better" IMO is the fact that the S2 has locking tuners. With a Bigsby that could help with tuning stability.

    From the video demos I've seen they do sound different. A lot of this is probably the pickups. The 'core' Starla sounds more "Gretsch-y" to me. But, the S2 still sounded edgy and aggressive in a good way.

    Otherwise the fundamental differences seem mainly subjective: scale length, neck carve.

    Now might be the time to grab an original Starla though if they're doing it for you, dealers may want to unload them as they will be discontinued soon. They could become harder to shift once they're next to an S2.
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    Thanks. They do sound different, but i like both sounds! :P

    I heard on a Andertons video that birds are an option for this line, would love to have a S2 in white with birds...

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    From the PRS website's FAQ: (

    "3. How is my Starla different from a Starla S2?

    The S2 Series was designed for a new audience. The instruments in the S2 Series have all the tone and playability that our Core guitars feature. The guitars and options have been streamlined, in part by simplifying the body carve, standardizing the neck scale length and shape, utilizing a new finish process, and using a mix of Core and new hardware.

    Body Carve: The original Starla featured a more complicated, violin–style carved top. The S2 Starla features a more streamlined, beveled carve.

    Scale Length and Neck Shape: The original Starla has a 24.5" scale length Pattern neck. At this point, all of the guitars in the S2 Series (including the Starla) incorporate a 25" scale length Pattern Regular neck to streamline the manufacturing process.

    Finish: The S2 Starla, along with the entire S2 Series, incorporates a new finish system where the color coat is embedded under a polyester basecoat and completed with an ultra–thin layer of acrylic urethane topcoat.

    Bridge: Both the Starla and S2 Starla use a Tune–o–matic bridge. The tailpiece on the original Starla is a Bigsby B5, and the tailpiece on the S2 Starla is a Bigsby B50.

    Tuners: The original Starla features Vintage–style tuners. The S2 Starla, along with the entire S2 Series, feature S2 locking tuners.

    Pickguard Assembly: The electronics control layout is identical to the layout on the original Starla (volume, push/pull tone, 3–way blade switch). The pickups and specific switches have been sourced to very closely replicate those offered on our Core line. The pickups and electronics are mounted to an integrated pickguard assembly."

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    The trems are a bit different... B5 on the original Starla, and B50 on the S2.

    Model Name: B-5
    ◾ Series: Original Kalamazoo Line
    ◾ Manufacturing Method: Sand Cast
    ◾ Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
    ◾ Approximate Weight: 287 Grams/10.1 oz.
    ◾ Overall Length: 4 3/4”/120.65mm
    ◾ Overall Width: 3 3/4”/95.3mm

    ◾Model Name: B-50
    ◾Series: Lightning Series I
    ◾Manufacturing Method: Die Cast
    ◾Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
    ◾Approximate weight: 290 grams/10.2 oz.
    ◾Overall Length: 4 5/16”/ 109.5 mm
    ◾Overall Width: 3 13/16”/96.8 mm
    ◾Arm adjusts with 1/8” Allen wrench and 5/16” socket
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    My thought would be having the locking tuners and even the S2 birds would be a huge plus and if you upgraded the pickups and the trem it's even better than the original Starla.
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    The 25" scale on the S2 Starla is a selling point for me.
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    Great info every one, thanks!

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