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Thread: The PRS amp for the Fender BF/SF guy?

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    The PRS amp for the Fender BF/SF guy?

    So I love my old fender amps. I've owned everything from a BF '63 Concert to DRRIs. My number one for the past few years now has been my KT66 '73 Pro Reverb with a Jensen Neo 15-150 15". It's blown up so many times on me over the years that after the last set of filter caps went, I blackfaced it (but with original trannies) and it hasn't broken down since.

    2 weeks ago I played a CU22, bought a CE22 a week later (should be here Monday next week), and recently started browsing the lovely community you guys have here. Now I'm afraid I might have caught the PRS bug.

    Anyway my question is: what PRS amp would be right for me? It's not necessarily the scooped tone of the Fenders that I love, it's the pedal friendliness and the fatness that gets me. I was looking at the "30" and the "Blistertone". The old SS Peavey Special 130 in the band room is looking pretty tired .

    (Side-note: that picture I saw of the inside of a 2 Channel H chassis blew my mind with its neatness and craftsmanship. It rivals my '64 Princeton in craftsmanship however it's a far more complex circuit. A truly rewardable feature!)
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