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Thread: The PRS amp for the Fender BF/SF guy?

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    The PRS amp for the Fender BF/SF guy?

    So I love my old fender amps. I've owned everything from a BF '63 Concert to DRRIs. My number one for the past few years now has been my KT66 '73 Pro Reverb with a Jensen Neo 15-150 15". It's blown up so many times on me over the years that after the last set of filter caps went, I blackfaced it (but with original trannies) and it hasn't broken down since.

    2 weeks ago I played a CU22, bought a CE22 a week later (should be here Monday next week), and recently started browsing the lovely community you guys have here. Now I'm afraid I might have caught the PRS bug.

    Anyway my question is: what PRS amp would be right for me? It's not necessarily the scooped tone of the Fenders that I love, it's the pedal friendliness and the fatness that gets me. I was looking at the "30" and the "Blistertone". The old SS Peavey Special 130 in the band room is looking pretty tired .

    (Side-note: that picture I saw of the inside of a 2 Channel H chassis blew my mind with its neatness and craftsmanship. It rivals my '64 Princeton in craftsmanship however it's a far more complex circuit. A truly rewardable feature!)
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    Try a Dallas!
    Mike Cantrell

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    I need the same thing! Oh wait, I hate amps.

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    I have a 2 Channel H combo and it's very versatile. Great cleans and crunch/gain just right for gigging. Takes pedals perfectly and an effects loop if you like. I will say I heard Paul demoing a Blistertone at Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, Tx last week and it was KILLER! I've owned Fenders but PRS has it all for me now. I'd love to try the Sweet 16+.

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    The Paul's Amp was apparently designed with pedals in mind, according to the video on the website.

    I'd check it out, the clips of it sound fantastic.

    I have no axe to grind on this, since I'm an HX/DA user, but even that amp is wonderful with pedals, though it's not Fender-esque.
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    I have an SE50 that I have TRIED to get to sound Fenderish time and time again, but really this El34 amp doesn't do Fender very well. THAT BEING SAID, I have been able to coax extremely bluesy overdrive tones from both channels; everything from Tab Benoit on the dirty channel to Junior Wells on the clean. I play Thinline Tele's, so the buckers help for sure. Here is a video from the clean channel with the gain about 7/10 up and the volume on like 4 or 5.

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