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Thread: Unboxing: Pedaltrain Pedalboards (from TTK)

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    Unboxing: Pedaltrain Pedalboards (from TTK)

    Many already know this info, but Louis (The Tone King) has some good info here.
    I have the second pedal he unboxes, the Pedaltrain 2.

    Mine has the Voodoo Power II brick, but Pedaltrain now makes their own power supply.
    I may get another board with their brand of power supply, and put one together for my son.
    He currently has two pedals plus the Polytuner from TC Electronics.

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    I watched it hoping that toward the end we'd get information we couldn't get simply from spending 30 seconds looking at a catalog. Didn't happen.

    Hmmm. Must be for someone who's never seen an actual pedal board.
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    Oh Tone King haha
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    I love his videos......and feel bad admitting it.......I dig that he reviews stuff more metal and head rock oriented but he is ........unique........
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    I'm guessing that the Tone King doesn't believe in things like "specifications" and "product dimensions" since he had to haul out the tape measure and make sure he got the numbers himself.

    I kind of got a kick out of that.

    Also appreciated was his discussion of how to open a box.
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    The tape measure is about the point at which I bailed... Maybe I'll go back and try to get past that point when I have nothing better to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rugerpc View Post
    The tape measure is about the point at which I bailed... Maybe I'll go back and try to get past that point when I have nothing better to do.
    The Tone King is a very methodical, gotta-explain-everything-no-matter-how-basic, kinda guy. I had a friend with a dad like that when I was in middle school. The kid got a long winded instruction on the methodology of putting a bag in the trash.

    Tone King did have one good tip, and that was to measure your pedals before buying a pedal board. I'll be lots of folks forget to do that!

    Surprisingly, he forgot to mention leaving enough space between the pedals for the plugs, etc., but I can forgive him that lapse.

    I was waiting for him to get out a scale and weigh each board.
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