Hey folks, got a new addition today, lovely guitar. I owned a Mira and stupidly sold it. Once it left, I lost a distinct tone in my guitar set-up that needed to come back. I'm very much a W/T kind of guy, but was curious about the Regular neck on the new guitars, so this is my testing ground.

It was "born" Jan 23rd 2012 and was new when I bought it. The colour is definitely something i've seen very few of on the mira range. I've seen black/mint/frosty/orange/cherry/natural hog, but not a green burst. Again, something unusual and cool

From my brief twang in my office, the pattern neck doesn't feel as bulky as I suspected/feared. I'm looking forward to playing it in.

Couple things I have noticed from the '08 Mira:

The bridge studs are now half chrome, half brass, I've since been informed it's to do with improving sustain. Nifty subtle change, I look forward to seeing how it behaves.

The toggle switch has a bigger toggle. Not in a bad way, just noticed it's bigger.

The guitar looks and feels lovely. This has phase 3 tuners too. They look cool,and as long as they stay in tune, I don't care about the change. I've heard some people miss the phase 2's. I'm largely indifferent.

Also,my '09 cu24 has outline birds, this has the filled in birds, different, but they look equally as cool.

Anyway, the pics:

Cool hog grain through the green

I'm loving the pattern on first play. I feel it's thicker, but it's the slimmer shoulders that means I can play comfortably. I wonder if my W/F aversion has been due to the breadth of the neck, rather than the thickness of it?

Either way, I'm looking forward to playing the hell out of it.