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    PRS Studio


    After 20 years of playing Acoustic Guitar, I am interested in Electric guitar mainly for a 1-man-live-performance (guitar+vocals).
    I am new to PRS and had a chance to play a 513 and Studio Model 2011.
    I was deep impressed about the playability, sound and build quality on this PRS, but the ‘Studio’ sounds absolute versatile to me.
    Because in my local area is no GC where I can test the preferred ‘Studio’ side-by-side, I have to order it from Europeans greatest Music Store (incl. a 30-day return policy).

    So my questions:
    My store offers 3 different ‘Studio’ models: 1 with Tremolo, 2 with Stoptail – one of this called ‘McCarty’ but it seems its only the name of the color.

    Please help me to choose and why you would recommend this model, or any other?

    Be aware. In Europe, PRS guitars are expensive

    Thank you!

    Best regards

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    I'm not sure how any of us could pick for you.... you are the one who needs to be happy with the choice!

    What we can do is tell you what personally we like or don't like about the guitars you are looking at and maybe that will give you things to consider.

    stoptail v trem. I prefer stoptails because they are easier to tune and they stay in tune better than trems. That being said, the PRS trems are extremely stable when compared to other trems by other manufacturers due, in large part, to the locking tuners and the PRS trem design. So, tuning stability really isn't a concern within the PRS line. you just need to figure out if you need that whammy bar or not.

    Colors - you are sooooo on your own here! This is way too personal. But there is the notion that you should buy the guitar blindfolded and get the one that sounds best to you and to H3LL with the color.

    513 vs Studio. I haven't played a studio yet - I only have a couple os Swamp Ash Specials (which the Studio replaced) and they are different animals, I understand. I do have a 513 RW from the first year they were available and I can tell you that I think the 513 is more versatile than the SAS.

    Hope this helps.
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