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Thread: \m/ pickups

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    \m/ pickups

    So I got my set last week and put them into my Al D. this past weekend.

    For starters, the screws that come with the pickups are too short to use in the Al D - not sure about other models. This would have been useful to know before I mounted and soldered them. Even with the screws barely threaded the pickups are too high for the strings to clear the pickup. I used the screws that were in there previously from the DGT pickups that the PTC had installed for me. There is not a lot of wiggle room here for height adjustment - they sit pretty high with just minimal turns of the screw. I wanted to use longer screws to get them a bit lower but that would have involved drilling some wood away for the screws to clear.

    On my bench I just have a little smokey amp and I could tell right away that these things are hot! We had weekend plans so I didn't get to put the guitar through it's paces until Monday at rehearsal. My immediate impression was good - lots of balls, plenty of clarity, and lots of output. Tapped the pickups are a tad too bright for my tastes. Rolling back the volume control resulted in tone that was too bright as well - a bit piercing really. If they're going to stay in the guitar I'm going to need to change the treble bleed Since they're hot you have to roll back the volume a lot before it makes much difference and cleans up (which was expected).

    The worst part of all was that I didn't realize that the treble/bass pickups use different color coding for the wires so the way I wired it the middle position is out of phase. Sigh.

    I'm on the fence about these pickups at the moment. I need to fix the pickup phase, fix the high-end when the volume is rolled back, and I'd really like to be able to lower the bridge pickup a little but there's barely any room to do so.
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    Hey Tim, I ran into a similar problem with the screw length on these too. With hot pickups, I tend to need to have them lower than normal or my amp will howl a bit with high gain. In fact, when I first installed and got to rehearsal, I tried lowering it a hair and the pickup came off the screws and just sat in the bottom of the cavity. Even then, the top of the pickup cover was still above the pickup ring. Makes me wonder if the bobbin has a slightly taller height to it than some other PRS pickups. I couldn't see any discernable difference in length of the legs. I couldn't do much examination because I didn't want to burn the fresh set of strings I put on. I did have a couple screws that were a tad longer and managed to get everything back together but I feel like I'm still hanging on by a thread with those screws. I think I'm at around 5/64" bass side and 3/32" on high E side. I only got the treble pickup, not a set. What different on the wiring? Treble pickup black hot, is bass pickup white hot? I think that's the way it should be, but I have to go back and look now. I have 2 volume, no tone knob in my McCarty std with no bleed cap so I'm not experiencing any effect from a bleed cap.

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    My Custom 22 has always had the problem of the bridge pickup pretty much having one height setting. Any lower and the pickup will fall off the end of the screw. Any higher and it'll be too close to the strings. Longer screws would require the removal of some wood in the pickup rout. Luckily I like the one setting pretty well. I have been repeating over and over that short legs are necessary on humbuckers and long legs make no sense.
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    The best way to deal with the screw length is to thread the screw all the way through the base plate and then crimp the last couple of threads of the screw. This will allow the screw to bite a little better and will help prevent it from slipping out of the base plate hole.

    The other option would be to use the longer screws from a bass pickup. But because these screws are a bit too long, you'll need to snip a bit of the screw off or drill small holes to allow the screw to sit below the cavity bottom.

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