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Thread: Stating The Obvious

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    The Beatles' first Sullivan show was February 9, 1963. Over 50 years ago.

    It was a stunning once-in-a-lifetime event, culturally significant, magic. It will be a long time before something like it happens again.

    "Satisfaction" was released over two years later, in 1965, not in 1963. It was the Stones' breakthrough. By then, the Beatles had released Rubber Soul, a brilliant record in every way.

    Whereas the Beatles' first tour was a huge success in the US, the Stones' first tour was a dud. Only 300 people turned out at Detroit's Olympia Stadium, where the Beatles had packed the place.

    The Who's first US tour included a high school dance at Southfield High School, a suburban Detroit-area high school, to give some perspective on where the Beatles were in the culture vs other rock bands of the era.
    no, your wrong, it was 1964. the first song was "all my lovin", im not sayin'. satisfaction was released in 1964.

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    u don't have to avoid the wrath of the "faithful". I really wouldn't expect you to "get it". but u can't judge something 20 or 30 years older than u, thru a modern lens.
    they changed everything, not just music, but the entire culture ... will never be repeated.

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    You're right, it was '64.

    I'm old and I forget these things.
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