I have never met a Wide/Fat neck carve that I didn't like. Because of the crazy way I grip, the Wide/Thin and Regular carves are not suited for me. When the DGT carve came out, I was as surprised as I was confused by how well it fits my hand. But it's smaller and it shouldn't work. But it does. But it's so similar to the Regular carve. OK, it must be the shoulders.

So, buy all the things with DGT or W/F carves. I can do that.

Enter the Pattern carve family. As expected, the Pattern Thin and Pattern Regular carves are not the least bit comfortable. Some of the Pattern carves feel comfortable while others do not. Hmmm. At first I assumed it was just a matter of the fatness but after investing in a digital caliper the differences between the carves is very small. The 513 is my primary gigging guitar yet I can't play the P22 for long periods of time.

Bottom line, can the hand really sense the difference of 1 or 2 64ths of an inch? Are the shoulders that much different on the Pattern carves? How much does the tactile surface of poly/nitro/V12 factor into comfort?