Good morning, Forum gang!

I've run into a bit of a situation, and I'm hoping that the collective input, wisdom (and connections) of the forum populace can help me make a decision. So, here goes...

Long story short, I ordered an Artist Package 408 from my local dealer back in early February (2013). It's been delayed a total of 7 times for various reasons. My dealer called me this past Friday to inform me that the wait will continue - we've been informed that the guitar was scrapped and had to be started over. PRS tells us that they're shooting for completion by the end of August (which would mean, with shipping/transit time, that it'll effectively be September until I have the guitar). However, given the track record so far on this instrument, I don't have much faith that I'll have it by September.

I want to pause here to point out that I'm not upset or angry at all about this latest setback. This will be my first PRS, and part of the reason I've been obsessed with these guitars for so long is precisely because they won't let an "inferior" product even get anywhere near the Bay Bridge. Part of me is glad they found whatever the flaw/defect was, and took it to the table saw. However, having said that, the AP 408 I've ordered isn't just a work of art to me; like most of you, it's a functional instrument that I'm relying upon to become my primary weapon on stage. My band plays regularly - about 2/3 of our shows are acoustic, with the rest being electric. I'm not in a position economically to buy PRS guitars like candy bars (maybe someday!), so my plans for future guitars are spaced out. I had planned, next year, to spec an AP Hollowbody II; that instrument would work extremely well with the acoustic shows we frequently do.

So here's where you guys and gals can hopefully help - I'm very torn at this point. My dealer has taken the extraordinary step of offering me the option to "cancel" my order and refund my money. I'm strongly considering taking him up on that offer, and using the money to pick up a Hollowbody II that I can use basically immediately for shows. The thing is, I'm not the type of person who will just buy something in order to have it. I know what I want, and I will wait until I can get exactly that. So if I'm going to switch gears, I need to be in love with the new guitar as well. Wilcutt Guitars had the HBII (an AP in burnt maple leaf) that I would have made the switch to get. However, it was just sold earlier this week. I've looked online (including many of the dealers who frequent this forum), and I just haven't found another one that really speaks to me.

Obviously I need to make a decision very soon. So I'm asking for your input, advice and suggestions. What would you do if you were in my position? Would you wait for the electric guitar you've spec'ed and dreamed of, and get the HBII later? Would you switch gears and get a HBII now, knowing that you could always spec the 408 next year (or possibly even grab the very guitar you ordered from the dealer)? Where else would you look for a Hollowbody II? Any input from dealers on here regarding their current inventory? (Mods: can I even ask that question? If not, I'll gladly strike it from the post!)

I really appreciate any time that y'all take to provide your two cents. I'm really sitting on the fence with this one, and I'm hopeful that y'all can offer some other perspectives to help me make up my mind. Thanks!!!