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Thread: Signatures in body

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    Signatures in body

    HI all, new to the forum.

    I just pulled my PRS out of the closet that I had custom made, as I was feeling bad about it just hanging around, (i haven't played in years). I remembered when I first bought it ,(1992), that it had 2 signatures in the body, under the tremolo spring area. One I can make out as Bob, the other looks more like a graffiti "tag". Is/was this a common practice? The "assembled by" and "final check by" on the tag have different initials, TDM/MSG. So what role would Bob and the "tagger" have been with the guitar.

    It's a beautiful guitar, it's just with life changes and the fact I don't play anymore, I have to consider moving it on and I'm trying to get as much info on it as possible.

    Serial number is 12882, (there is a 2 with an arrow underneath it before and above the serial number)
    Model# VS Custom
    SP Order, Sweet switch, wide thin neck
    Treble, HFS
    Bass, Vintage
    Date, Jan. 24, 1992

    Thanks ..say hi to Bob
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyMoonsRJT View Post
    .....oh....err emmm...not the right Bob.
    You seem like the right Bob to me. How's it goin', Bob?
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    Hi Bob.

    ..but really, does anyone else have signatures in the body cavity of their PRS?

    I'll try to upload some pics.

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