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  • The McCarty Camp

    33 29.20%
  • The Cu22/CE22 Camp

    13 11.50%
  • The 513/305 Camp

    2 1.77%
  • The CU24/CE24 Camp

    22 19.47%
  • The Singlecut Camp

    20 17.70%
  • The Santana Camp

    3 2.65%
  • The Bass Camp

    0 0%
  • The Amp Camp

    0 0%
  • The Acoustic Camp

    1 0.88%
  • Other? Please explain.

    19 16.81%
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Thread: Which Camp Are You In?

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    Which Camp Are You In?

    It took me well over a decade to accept the fact that I'm more of a 22-fret guy than a 24-fret guy. Specifically, I'm a McCarty guy. To me, 'McCarty guys' are playing McCarty models (obviously), double-cut Modern Eagles, double-cut hollowbodies, 408 guitars, Paul's Guitars, DGT's, etc. I understand that there are worlds of difference between these models and that many people who might play one would never play the other. This is just the way it breaks down in my head. That doesn't make it true.

    That I got me wondering which camp most PRS fans fall into these days. Creating a poll for such a question isn't easy. There are so many variations that limiting a poll to McCarty or CU24 doesn't quite capture it all. In an effort to try and create a poll that makes sense, some of the options have been grouped together.

    The 'CU22/CE22 guys' are very closely related to McCarty guys IMO. Swamp Ash Specials originally had McCarty pups but I'm not sure the body is McCarty thickness. Do they fall into the CU22 camp or McCarty camp?

    '513/305 guys' are in there somewhere but the long scale feels pretty different from a McCarty, IMO

    There are many guys who are faithful to the original PRS guitar; the 24-fret, 25" scale, double-cut that took the guitar world by storm. 'CU24 guys' are playing pre-standards, standards, customs, early Sigs, early Sig LE's, Navarro's, CE24's, and SE CU24's. Even the SE 7-strings!

    'Singlecut guys' are playing US and Korean Tremonti models, SCT Modern Eagles, SC245's, SC250's, Starla's (full-fat or S2), SE One's, etc. I'm curious... is an SC Ted player really a McCarty guy?

    'Santana guys' like the 24-fret neck on a short scale with the old-school body shape. Though I suppose the DC22 (a 22-fret Santana) falls into this lane pretty well. or does it. Mira and Mira S2 as well?

    Maybe you only play Bass?

    Perhaps you're a Gibby or fender player who is just here for the amazing PRS Amps?

    Perhaps you're strictly (or primarily) an 'Acoustic guy'?

    Which "Camp" are you in, if any? What is it that you love so much about the guitar(s) in your camp?
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    I'm in the "24" camp, I don't know if I'm just used to 'em or what, but I love them and they love me back.

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    I'm a singlecut man. I play a se245 with #7 pickups. Great guitar. If i could afford a Maryland made sc i would get one in a heartbeat..
    I am not a luthier but i am in my own workshop.

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    I picked other, P24 Camp. I love the McCarty body thickness of the P24 and the Pattern regular neck. I also like my custom 24 as well, but the P24 is my number 1. I would also buy a 24 fret McCarty if they made one in a second.

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    I guess I'm in the 24 camp, but trying to be a nomad. Tried a Tremonti, tried a baritone, but neither seemed to feel right. Thinking about a Hollowbody, a 513, or a McCarty. Probably would have been easier to say what camps I'm not in.

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    I voted Cu24, but love my BRW 513 and I also loved a MEII that I played... I also love my Ibanez RG550 from 1990... I guess I might not have a category that I fit in....
    1992 PRS Cu24 Tortoise Shell, "10",Birds, Reg Neck
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    I kind of wanted to say the 'one of each' camp. I find Santana very appealing, but a sanity check on what I am mostly likely to buy made me vote McCarty because to me they feel most like what I think an electric guitar should feel like.

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    Picked Cu24 camp because that was the one that hooked me. I have Cu22 & P22 as well as SE 245 but it was actually a Hiland signature that was my first PRS. Loved everything but the pups, but rather than swapping them out and making it a not-a-Hiland I just sold it and bought a Cu24. Looking back, I should have hung onto that one.
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    I went with the singlecut. I honestly just love the look and shape of it. so alike to an LP, but far more majestic and royal.

    my number 2 choice would have been the Mira tho.
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    I'm in the"buy all the prs guitars you can afford" camp.

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    Singlecut. The 58s and Stripped 58s are thicker than McCarty's, which I like more than a SC Ted.

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    I love the traditional 25" scale Singlecut (but with locking tuners) but I'd have to say I'm in the McCarty camp, too. Maybe even the Custom 24 camp as well.

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    I like guitars, period. I think they are instruments to achieve something. sometimes, nobody can tell the difference (sound wise) between interments, but I do believe that every feature makes you play different and can take you to different places. after saying that, there's lot of things I like about guitars and others not that much. I do love 25" and 25,5" scale length. I prefer larger stainless steel frets then any other material. And 24 frets are not my thing.
    After saying that, I feel very comfortable in the McCarty camp (DGT, Swamp Ash, 408) but I feel powerful in the SC camp. The Tremonti and SCHB I have are the guitars that get most of the action around here. After saying that, I have to say that I am enjoying more and more the hollow body guitars.

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    You make it tuff. I'm a split camp between 24 fretters (Cu24/CE24 and Mira) and SC's. I fanally had to ask myself if I only had one guitar which one would it be and the Cu24AP won, but not by much.
    1988 CE24, 1995 CE22, 2000 SC, 2003 Standard 22, 2003 Cu24 AP, 2006 Cu24 AP, 2006 SC AP, 2007 CuRo22, 2010 Starla Stoptail, 2010 Mira
    2007 SE Soapy 2, 2010 SE 25th Anni Cu24, 2012 SE Bernie, 2013 SE Angelus Custom

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    I voted CU22 camp since I currently own a CU22 Soapy. In the past, I have also belonged to the McCarty, 513 & Singlecut camps. I'm definitely a 22-fretter (I do own one 24-fretter, but it's a Carvin).

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    I voted McCarty since I guess the 408 falls into that campground.
    I like my 2012 SE Custom 24 with its 24 frets and wide/thin neck, but I am digging the 22 fret and pattern/thin neck of the 408 even more.

    I like the access better too with double cuts over single cuts.

    I have tried out many guitars over the past four plus decades, but the 408 is by far the best guitar I have ever held or played.

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    I voted McCarty . But newest McCarty Style will have 24 frets and \m/ pickups
    My name is Matt and I'm a guitarholic

    1994 McCarty; 2010 Charcoal Burst Modern Eagle Quatro; 2012 Fire Red Burst Signature Limited;2012 Charcoal Buster Siggy ( PTC Modified ); 2012 Vintage Burst Stripper; 2012 Charcoal 408 Standard w/ Crackwood; 2012 NOS ME1 Tiger Eye

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    Guess I am the enigma! I gig regularly with 5 different guitars and have a incoming CE22 for my 6th. Like aduayer above, I just like guitars. Not sure I even have a preference anymore as long as it plays well and sounds good. Most of mine are 22 frets, but I do play an SE Navarro that is 24. Most are also double cutaway but I do play a Gibson Les Paul. The others are an '85 Schecter strat, Fender strat and Gretsch hollowbody. You could say I've grown into this appreciation for each type of guitar for its own unique characteristics because the 3-piece band I've had for the last three years literally plays everything from 50s to 80s rock, including rockabilly, classic and southern rock and a little blues for good measure. I have also owned many different PRSi of all different flavors and would like to have kept them all!

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    All of my PRS have a Custom 22 base. It's THE electric guitar for me, but I'm equally happy being labelled a McCarty guy as my love affair with PRS really kicked into overdrive with the acquisition of ME I's and II's. While my spec sheets say Custom 22 with McCarty switching I think of them as ME's and 408 variants.
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    I've only thought about this recently and I'm a triple pickup guy, 4 out of the 5 PRSes I own have 3 pickups, with the exception being my SE Semi-hollow. 3 x Narrowfields, 2 NFs and a 59/09, 3 x soapies and now 3 x 408s. I prefer maple necks but I don't see myself as a Strat guy, as I've never owner one (only a copy my sister traded me).

    I actually prefer the shorter scales, but 2 of mine are longer, I guess you "play the hand you are dealt".

    What do I dig about them? They just make sense to me I guess, I'd rather see that gap between the neck and bridge PUs filled by something. I like 5-way blades, and I like them more with additional switching options. I may not use all the tones all the time, it's just nice having them there (like tools in my garage).

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    Singlecut. No question.

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