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Thread: The "White Elephant" Guitar Party

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    The "White Elephant" Guitar Party

    Game Play:
    1) Each player must show up with a photo of a PRS guitar they currently own. That PRS guitar is your "gift". You may only bring one guitar into the game. Post your guitar with all of the fun details that make it desirable (to you). It goes into the pot when you post it.

    2) Once that guitar is in play, it never comes out. Gifts of non-PRS guitars will be deleted.

    3) The first person to respond can choose to keep their own gift or trade you (whether you like it or not) for your gift. On subsequent turns (in any order), each person gets the choice of “stealing” any previously taken gift or keeping the one they have.

    4) None of the guitars ever actually change hands or ownership. It's just a fun way to fulfill your GAS or get your virtual hands on a guitar you covet without spending the money.

    5) The game never ends.


    Korina SE One modified with a 408 bridge pickup, telecaster neck pickup, Bigsby/roller bridge, Phase 3 locking tuners, custom paint, and custom Starla pickguard. Photo courtesy of the PRS artist/luthier who built it (Skitchy Zimmers).

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    Man, that SE is killer.

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    2011 Custom 22 with a maple neck and Cocobolo fretboard, 59/09 pickups, a 10 top, in Blue Crab Blue.

    I'll trade with you Hans. (At the end I get your guitar, right? I know... Rule 5. Game never ends...)

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    Don't forget Rule 34!
    The Bovine Fury <-- New Album Yes, Please available NOW!
    05 Custom 22 / 07 Mira / 08 Baritone SE / 03 Santana SE

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Beef View Post
    Don't forget Rule 34!
    Thread killer.
    One Life

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    A weeks time and I'll be playing

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustRob View Post

    I'll take it! I figure I could get something real nice for that blue one... or paint it.

    I'll put this one up, only because it's just a game, if it were real life I don't think I could part with it. It's weird to say it's been my number one for the past year, it's an SE and I use it a lot!
    Korina body, maple top, maple neck, ebony board, covered DII's that sparkle and chime when split, all the other bits were changed too.

    It hangs with these other ones well.... well it used too, the non PRS are gone because of it.

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