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Thread: Nut catching/binding on G string?

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    Nut catching/binding on G string?

    Hey all,
    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured the PTC might be a good place.

    Recently I've been noticing primarily the G string on my Custom 24 will make a small click or tink sound either when tuning, bending or using the trem arm and the string will go out of tune slightly (and only sometimes). I say primarily because I sometimes get it with the B string as well, but rarely get it on other strings. It is somewhat annoying and a bit troublesome, being that I love the trem (and love being in tune...). I've always been impressed with how well I've heard/seen PRS guitars stay in tune and hold up even in the most righteous whammy dives. In particular some of Chappers and the Captain's videos in demo'ing some PRS axes have them literally flattening the trem and strumming loose strings, after which immediately playing chords that were perfectly in tune.

    My main questions would be: 1) Is there something I'm missing when changing and stretching strings that is making staying in tune more difficult, and 2) how can I address this nut binding issue (as I believe it is, I've done some googling and quick internetz research)?


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    Take it to a qualified luthier and have the string slots widened with the correct tool. You can also just fold a piece of sand paper and run it through a couple of times. Also, nut Sauce is your friend. Give it a try.
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    Thanks Hans! =)

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    Nut catching/binding on G string?
    I think the string should go in the back. that should keep your nut from getting hung on the string
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    I use some special grease i made from grease with tons of Teflon powder. Made it back in -82, still uses it to grease up the slots in every nut i´ve owned. Also put som in the slots in the bridge.Believe that there´s a "nut sauce" to buy for that nowadays. Recommended.

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