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Thread: Double NGD and a little blue lining.

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    Double NGD and a little blue lining.

    My first ever mail order double NGD, new to me anyway, turned out pretty nice. I'd had a guitar coming that FedEx lost, but getting these too really took the sting out.

    First Arrival
    Just after I woke up the postman knocked and delivered someone else's package. I returned it to him, and he came back a few minutes later with the good stuff , a SE Soapbar II with vintage calibrated Fralins and Phase II tuners. I initially bought the guitar solely for the parts and other really exciting stuff it came with, I had no real interest in the wood. I'd planned to pop the P90s in my 68 SG , but the SE is just a better guitar. I was shocked how resonant and great feeling the guitar is, and that neck is FAT. Definitely in the Wide-Fat camp, but on the chubbier end - sort of like the chunky WF necks some Hollowbodies have. Reminds me an awful lot of a '59 junior, and in the bridge position with the Fralins nails that vibe perfectly. The only downside is now I'm GASsing for a USA made P90 model

    Who ever installed the Phase IIs got em screwed in a little whonky for my OCD, but if anything its more comfortable when tuning in playing position so its not too bad.

    The SE also didn't come with its usual case, but we're not there yet.

    Later in the evening, the UPS guy stopped by and dropped off the guitar I was most excited about, another Custom 22. I feel like any time I try to buy another guitar, I come back with a Custom 22, confused and thrilled. I was looking for replacement pickups when I got sucked into this one.

    Luckily the pawn shop I bought it from didn't know as good of a photographer as I do, or I couldn't have afforded it. I've always wanted to cut people that say this, but this guitar immediately felt like an old friend. Instant keeper, and probably the woodiest sounding of my Custom 22s.
    I've got a soft spot for beat up guitars.

    Heres something I'm curious about - the writing in the pickup cavities - I know who Orkie is, but I'm curious what a replacement guitar is, and why you would see him about one...

    Some other numbers in the neck cavity... I thought I had a chart to decode this mess but I havent seen it since about 07

    I've got mixed feelings about the creme pickup rings. Maybe flame maple or black...what do you guys think?

    Unfortunately this guitar didn't come to me with its case, so for now it looks like it'll have to hang out in this old thing...

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    I'm not so sure this sticker could be original to the case, its got some tears in the tolex, but the keys in the plastic bag look pretty new, so its got me wondering...

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    Bangin' x2! BTW I think the creme looks nice!

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    Nice all the way around. I like the creme, more of a vintage vibe, goes with the guitar.
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    Nice pairing.
    Have fun with them.

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    I dig the creme...too...awesome! congrats!

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    Congrats, I've been wanting a P90 soapie for a long time!

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    Thanks all!

    Quote Originally Posted by vchizzle View Post
    Congrats, I've been wanting a P90 soapie for a long time!
    Thanks, me too! It surpassed my expectations, that's for sure - it sounds every bit as good as my US made guitars plugged in, and the arm contour reminds me of the EG that got away. I'm just waiting for a day when no ones home, and I can turn the amp all the way up to see if I can cop some Weezer tones.

    I'm pretty tempted to put one of the stock P90s in the middle and add a 5-way, but I hesitate because the guitar is still in 2nd out position behind my SG.

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