Iím talking GUITARS, what were you thinking!?

So Iím not an impulsive guy when it comes to buying stuff. I tend to shop long and hard before I buy something. Most of the time it works out pretty well, but this time it bit me in the butt...at first.

Iíd found two or three Paulís Guitars in FBJ with a flame top and a Brazzy boards that I liked. I was having a hard time picking WHICH one I wanted! Truly like picking puppies! So I finally had one I kept coming back to one at Guitar Maverick. One night my wife said ďWhy havenít you bought it yet!?Ē So I filled out the account info on the Guitar Maverick's site and went to bed planning to call in the morning to buy it. In the morning I had an email from JD at Guitar Maverick welcoming me and asking if he could help me. I replied that I wanted to buy the FBJ Paulís he had and asked for a good time to call. He wrote back IT HAD JUST SOLD!

WHAAAT!? It canít be!!! I was crushed... But it was on me, I waited to long... JD offered to find me another but I REALLY wanted that one. I took some time off from looking...

So fast forward a couple of months... As you know, GAS only goes into remission, it's never cured! I was looking at used P22 in the classified on another site guitar and JD shoots me a pm and tells me it was owned by the same guy that bought the Paulís and OBTW Ė he might sell the Paulís I WANTED - to buy a different guitar from JD. Turns out ďPhilipĒ and I have the same taste in Guitars!

So yesterday morning I couldnít sleep and was looking around on eBay Ė there it was! I couldnít believe it, but when I saw the sellers user name I knew it was MY guitar! THIS TIME I didnít BLINK and a few emails later it was a DONE DEAL.

So it took a couple of months and was the looooong way around the block but in the end the story has a
HAPPY ENDING. Right now the guitar is on a FedEx plane headed my way!