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For another, they're just things and therefore not something I get overly concerned about. (nevertheless, I have a comprehensive policy with my friends @ Heritage, and I recommend anyone with expensive guitars do the same)
That's my worry. I play a lot in/around the DC area and the people there are...well, they're d**chebags. I've had a guy pick up my prized (and pricey) acoustic guitar in the middle of a gig (I was playing a different instrument at the time). Yeah, you read that right. This guy walked behind us while we were playing, picked up my guitar, and started walking off with it while "playing" it. Our drummer saw the guy, and some nice fellow from the crowd stopped him and got the guitar out of hands. Fortunately, I didn't actually see any of this go down; if I had, I would have chased him down and throttled him (after safely procuring my guitar, of course). This sort of thing has happened more than once. So I'm a tad nervous about taking my PRS out.

I know there was a thread a while back that contained info on some of these insurance policies y'all have on your instruments. Does anyone remember which thread contained that info?