I haven't given away any cool PRS pickups in a while so here's another round! The PTC has done some amazing guitars for me in the last few years so I'm going to return some of the love with this one.

The Pickups
I have a cool set of "1985 Standard" pickups with brushed black bobbins and nickel pole-pieces. These predate the run of T&B reissues and have hand-written stickers. These pups are from a run of pickups used in the Private Stock series of ten Bud Davis Metal's. Until recently, they were in my Metal CE24 (which now holds a set of \m/ pickups). Now they can be yours.

These are very cool pups; clear and punchy on the clean channel and beefy (without a lick of mud) on the heavy stuff. They are in perfect condition and the brushed bobbins are classy as hell. On my CE these sounded a lot like plugging a grand piano into the amp..

If You Want Them
1) Be the 1st person to post a clear picture of the EXACT PRS guitar they are going to put them into (right here in this thread). It must be your guitar. You may not edit your post. If you do, it's void and the next person in line gets them. To be clear, quick changes to your post don't usually show evidence of being edited but if you try to make an edit after about a minute, you'll see an edit notification in your post. It is that edit notification you want to avoid. If it shows up, your post is dead. Null. Void.
2) You must send your guitar to the PTC in Stevensville, MD for:
a) installation of these pups
b) a full-blown PTC setup, and
c) replacement of your old nut with the new-style PRS nut

All of that will cost you $250 plus shipping to the PTC. You can get any other work you want but you must get the services noted above. The pickups will be sent to the PTC directly. If they don't receive your guitar within 30 days of your post (right here in this thread), the next person in line gets a shot.
3) You agree to post pictures of the finished guitar in this thread when you get it back from the PTC.

The Fine Print
In addition to the details noted above... this is my giveaway and these are my pickups which means they are used, they don't come with a warranty of any kind, and you can't complain to PRS about them if you don't like them. I suppose you could complain to me but I'll just tell you to go pound sand. Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze! You agree that the PTC may have up to 90 days (from the day they receive it) with your guitar before you start bitching and moaning about it on this or any other forum. You may not change out the guitar. Return shipping is probably your responsibility so be ready to pay that on top of the $250. I am opening this up to any Official PRS Forum member. If you are outside the US, make sure you choose a guitar that can be shipped in and out of the US 9and your home country) without any problems. If Shawn says your guitar is too risky, I'll give you 24 hours to choose an alternate PRS but it, too, must be your guitar.

If you're cool with all that then get your camera out and go to work! The first person to post a picture of the PRS getting the pups is 1st in line. Remember... if you edit your post (and it shows that it has been edited), your post is void.

I'll post a photo of the pups in this thread tonight.