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Thread: NGearD - Now I'm Done...for awhile.

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    NGearD - Now I'm Done...for awhile.

    Got some new gear between yesterday and today...since I didn't get to go to the Hard Rock Indianpolis get together, I treated myself by blowing a bunch of money.

    Now, I have to take a break from buying, but it should be easier now because I have finally gone totally PRS (except for my 2x12 Mesa Boogie cab...won't be getting a new cab til at least next year!)

    First is a PRS Custom 50 2-Channel head from C.A.D. in "Slate"...

    So far, I am just loving this thing! As a matter of fact, the only thing I'm not liking about it so far is the fact that the color doesn't match any of my PRS guitars, so probably later on in the future I'm going to have to get something to match it. Who knows, maybe that'll be my first custom made PRS (up to this point, I've bought my PRSi "off the rack"!

    Second, is this 408 MT Quilt in McCarty Sunsetburst. Not the greatest top but I kind of like the "understated" look and I've liked the way it plays since the first time I played it about a month or so back, and I've gone in to buy it a couple times in the past and left with a different PRS...I finally just got it!

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