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Thread: Got any project guitars on the go?

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    Got any project guitars on the go?

    My PRS guitars are wonderful but they're not going to satisfy that need to tinker and experiment (and genrally carve-up). That's what project guitars are for.

    At the moment I've got a Fender Modern Player Telecaster (made in China but by God it plays well) which has a pine body. I've just found a traditional Telecaster bridge for it and a second-hand Phat Cat (essentially a P90) for the neck. Looking out for something cool for the bridge position. Going to paint it some or other vintage colour. Already taken all the plastic-feeling shine off the neck and fretboard (maple) with some fine-grade paper.

    Also, got this Godin yesterday. Interesting for a Strat in that it's got a Les Paul scale length. 15" radius board. Nice quality parts seemingly too. Looking out for a second-hand EMG for the neck position then it's out with the router!

    You folks got any projects on the go?

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    Just finished renovating a yamaha acoustic which had a big hole in the soundboard so that needed replacing and a total refinish. Might post pics later.
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    I might be doin' somethin'.

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    I've got an idea...the guitar is en route as I type this!
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    My FrankenSchecter seems to be an eternal project. If I can ever get the piezo system working again, I'll be happy.

    I've got several projects in mind (one involving an Explorer, one involving a Soloist, and one involving a PRS SE of some sort), but for now my focus is on obtaining a USA Hollowbody II and maybe a USA Custom 24 as soon as possible. :-)
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