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Thread: SOmething special

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    Red face SOmething special

    At rehearsal the other night I was using the PRS SE Custom 24
    and it was everything Paul describes it to be:
    A tool to get everything you need done!
    From 50-60s
    Current top 40
    Some country
    It handled it all with a flick of a switch or a roll of the knob
    All the sounds I conjured up, were..., in a word,.... DELICIOUS!
    And I got compliments on the look and sound of it as well
    What a beautiful thing
    Thanks for sharing your blissful sound experience

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    Glad you're enjoying it! Nothing beats that feeling when you have a guitar that just nails it, and you don't even have to think about it.
    -I'm no expert, but it seems to work and I haven't electrocuted myself yet. Which is pretty much the standard I live by.

    S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow - SE Akesson+57/08's - Mira X - SE Custom 24 25th Anniversary - SE 30 Head/Cab

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    Instead of being referred to as 24 fretters, the Cu24s should be known as "the legendary guitar that can cover up to 24 genres"

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