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Thread: First PRS

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    First PRS

    I'm new to the forum, so I'm looking to see if what I'm getting is the right choice. I've been offered a beautiful PRS Starla stop tail. I've been told it's the wide fat model. I'm a long time Heritage guitar fan, owning several over the years. However I've found none of them suite my tastes because they typically have thinner neck profiles. Last year I had an opportunity to play a 1956 Les Paul. The neck felt perfect in every way, I've read the Wide Fat neck profile maybe the neck for me. PRS has a reputation for flawless quality and immense tones. So despite the joy of just owning a PRS, what is the neck like?
    Another question is, has anyone here compared the Starla S2 to any previous models? Any differences in tone, feel, or playability?
    thanks in advance!

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    Hey and welcome to the forum. IMHO the WF neck is somewhere between a Gibson rounded 58 and a 60's slim taper neck. I have 2 Heritage h157's and their necks are flatter and not as round. Both the PRS WF and Pattern neck are like the perfect blend of width and thickness while still having a nice "ball" feel in the your palm. I would say try one out if you can first because necks are very much a personal choice. Hope this helps.... Happy hunting
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