Okay, I know I'm of a very small part of the population that adores winged tuners, but since I've never even seen anything like these I thought I would share.

I won these off of ebay, and I'm tryin' real hard to get clear, non-bigfoot sighting photos for you fellows:

In my package I received 10 wings! 5 per side so I've got extras, 2 E-clips (guess I gotta go to the store) and a total of 9 thumbscrews... but there's always a catch right? Five of the thumbscrews fit these tuners, the other four have slightly different threads, and are obviously of the "newer-older" type... So I've got extras. BUT, I have to figure out what I'm gonna do to make one of these fit. I promise I will resist the urge to just strip the threads by muscling the newer one on... probably.

But check these out! I don't know if these are just prototypes but the super old ones are actually two pieces! The threaded portion is just an allen head screw that mates onto the thumbscrew which has a relief cast into it. I figure I'll probably have to get some Loc-tite or somethin' to keep from having one of these pop off and roll down a drain or get lost on a stage somewhere along the line.

I really wonder who made these? I know that Eric Pritchard helped design these with Paul, and that John Mann machined a butt-load of the early parts, but these sure don't look like Schaller made them, and there are no maker marks in sight. Look at the non-standard-for-Schaller tuner buttons one these:

There also isn't the typical shared D&G screw mounts for these, they use four little "nibs" that compress into the back of the headstock to keep them from spinning. I'm not sure if I have to remove a little wood/poly from the back to keep them in place... but I'm sure I'll find out.

I'm super geeked to get my hands on such a weird and perhaps early example of these tuners, and thought I would share. I've been learning so much about the small details of a guitar brand I've been absolutely obsessed with for so long this year, GAS may be a ***** (and I hate that term.. GAS that is) but my situation of not having the money to go out and just buy a Santana and call it a day has given me a lot more insight about these Bangin' (Trademarked) guitars!