In honor of my 2000th post and the upcoming open house I present to you...


  • All forum members regardless of plans to attend Experience may play.
  • You get one guess.
  • Your guess must be unique so make sure your selection has not been taken before posting.
  • If you are found to have a non-unique guess I will ask you to guess again.
  • Post edits to fix typos must be made within 10 minutes of original time stamp.
  • Winners are determined by accuracy of guess.
  • Guessing is open now through Friday August 16th at 9 AM CST at which time I will announce the actual count and winners.

  • First - Meal, Drink, Shirt, Charity Game Play ($20) at Experience on me, donation of tabs to charity in your honor.
  • Second - Shirt, Charity Game Play ($20) at Experience on me.
  • Third - Charity Game Play ($20) at Experience on me.

  • Ties bump subsequent places.
  • In the event of a tie there will be a Foosball throw down for attendees and a coin toss held at event for non-attendees.
  • If you win and do not attend Experience you miss the meal and drink however I will contact you from event with shirt choices and will play charity game for you then ship your winnings.
  • I will be reserving post #2 for purposes of tracking guesses.
  • Prizes subject to change if I come up with something I feel is better. I did this pretty quick. Haha.
  • Yes, I still have to count these.


How many tabs are in the jug?

Full frontal.

Comparing sizes.

Bottoms up.