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Thread: CR Demos: in a world......\m/ Demolition- Pickup of the Gods!

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    Killer video Chris!! Bad-ass playing as well!! Thank you, going to have to get me a set for sure!
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    Nice. Very different from my expectations of the pickup.
    I might be able to use a set.

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    Fuggin' righteous, bro. I'd love to hear that thru an older Boogie Mark series. Anyone that mounts these in a Cu22/24 should expect a sudden growth (on head, not ears...old guys), materialization of Spandex, fake blood pouring our of guitar, the works. How you avoided that, Chris, I'll never know.

    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Great video, Chris!...Riza gets my vote for "most awesome awesomeness" of tone.
    Again, Les is more.
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