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    Always loved VY and missed having a USA PRS, even though I really like my Navarro SE. Got this CE22 on Tuesday, changed the strings, set it up to my liking, removed the pickup covers and gigged it Saturday. Played it for most of our 4 hour gig and was just amazed by the clarity and versatility of the tone and the great feel of the neck. I didn't even touch my '85 Schecter strat which is my main guitar. Got much praise from my bandmates on the tone and looks as well. I"m a happy camper!

    Here's a before and after with the pickup covers.

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    Vintage Yellow is one of the coolest PRS colors!
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    An all-time classic.
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    Bangin'! VY is PRS in my opinion.

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    Cool yellow finish. Congrats!

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    Congrats!! Vintage Yellow is Awesome!!!
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    looks great! Just my personal opinion, but I think you made the right move to remove the pickup cover haha it sure looks better without the cover on!

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