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Thread: Bipolar McCarty 25th NF

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    Bipolar McCarty 25th NF

    Normally when I've got a time on my hands I manage to rotate equipment through for gigging. But lately I've been crazy busy with work and life and just haven't bothered planning things out.

    I've got a ton of interesting guitars, including some of the coolest PRS guitars I could imagine. But since I haven't had time to think about it, I find myself grabbing my first (and definitely least "exotic") PRS for both gigs and practice. The McCarty 25th Narrowfield.

    It says something I think that you gravitate towards one particular guitar when you're not consciously thinking about it. I think that the NF pickups in a McCarty body is great because it isn't a Gibson tone, it isn't a Fender isn't a Rick tone... It's its own unique PRS thing. All I know is that it sounds great with any amp, and feels perfect.

    The thing I think I like best about it is that it really does have its own personality and brings out the best in any amp. On the one hand, I'm surprised that NF hasn't taken off more in a McCarty style body (or for that matter in a single cut). On the other, fine by me if it remains a secret.

    In any case, it really does have a bipolar personality depending on how the controls are set and what amp is in use....

    Pics and (cheesey) clip below...

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    Sounds really sweet!
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    I couldn't agree with you more. I love my quilt 10-top mccarty 25 nf. it sounds like nothing else. most of us narrowfield owners also dont understand why more people aren't into the narrowfields, but at the end of the day, WHO CARES, it's their loss.

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    You really have the tone dialed in on that guitar
    Thanks for sharing
    I am usually all about different guitars and yours is a beauty I would think for me it would need a trem and a center pickup and no binding.
    Do you think the 408 is the evolution of the narrowfields seems like Pauls guitar has alot in common with this one
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    I remember playing one of these,when they first came out and I didn't know what the pickups were. Well I have wanted an NF guitar ever since. Great guitar and sound.

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    Looks and sounds fantastic!

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    Always love your stuff man. Classy as usual.
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    Always love your stuff man. Classy as usual.
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